Sports Livestreaming Aims to Reduce COVID-19 Risk

Campolindo has started livestreaming sports events for fans to watch from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
In light of the pandemic, many people are tentative to congregate in crowded areas such as a sporting event. In order to give people the opportunity to view Campolindo sports without compromising their safety, Campo is offering free access to this livestream.

Athletic director Ray Meadows explained the process of obtaining the equipment. “Through the help of the booster club and school funding we have been able to purchase additional NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) cameras to be put into the gym and pool areas,” he said.

The 1st camera was purchased a few years ago and the booster club has since “purchased a site license which allows the events to be viewed for free” said Meadows.

According to Meadows, there is also potential for cameras to be installed at the softball and baseball fields as well as the theatre. Even after the risk of COVID-19 has subsided, Campolindo hopes to continue to livestream sports games.

Sophomore varsity athlete Logan Robeson said that his relatives are able to use the livestreams to view his basketball games. The livestreams enable his relatives to support his team at home without risking their health to attend games.

Furthermore, athletes can use the livestream footage as film for their recruitment process.

While runner junior Rhys Pullen will not be utilizing the livestream cameras as much as Robeson as his “family comes to the meets” in person, he thinks that “it is a good idea for others who are unable to attend.”