Basketball Beats Falcons without Star Player


Maggie Doolittle, Staff Writer

Although missing star point guard senior Carter Mahaney, the boys’ basketball team managed to defeat the College Park Falcons 47-32 at home on January 10.

Mahaney, who sprained his wrist while playing in the Modesto Christian tournament in December, showed up to support his team. “I just wanted to support the guys and help them get a win,” he said.

Although the Falcons put up a strong defense, the Cougars maintained the lead for the majority of the game. College Park trailed by a couple of points until the final minutes, when the Cougars pulled away.

Head coach Steven Dyer admitted that not having Mahaney was a challenge. “He’s a big part of our team, he’s our best defensive player and he’s our point guard,” said Dyer.

According to senior Peter O’Donnell, the Cougars “struggled offensively but really picked it up with [their] defense.”

“Carter’s a leader for us, offensively and defensively, so it’s kind of tough for us while he’s out” added O’Donnell.

Several guys “off the bench stepped up well,” said Coach Dyer. “It was a team effort.” In particular, sophomore Cade Bennett, junior Emmanuel Callas, and junior Chase Bennett had strong performances.

According to Mahaney, the team really took charge. “They played big minutes when we needed them,” he said.