Water Polo Star Rises from Humble Beginnings


Jack Bunzel-Hardie, Staff Writer

Senior Soren Jenson, a 4-year varsity water polo player, recently committed to continue his athletic career at Stanford University.

Jenson attributed his success not just to his work ethic, but also to parent support. According to Jenson, his parents have been “super involved in the sport” and because of this he “started playing at around 7, once [he] was able to hold a ball.”

As a freshman on the Campolindo varsity team, Jenson was smaller and less experienced than many of the other players. However, varsity head coach Miles Price saw potential in Jenson because he was “smart enough to stay with the game speed and [was] capable of being coached.”

Overcoming his inexperience and lack of size has taught Jenson lessons he will take far beyond the pool. “It’s taught me humility and it’s shown me I need to fight and work hard in order to get the playing time and opportunities that I want,” Jenson said. “It’s taught me to be a hard worker and a more focused and determined student. It’s also given me a lot of leadership skills.”

Jenson, who has taken on the campus leadership position of Spirit Commissioner in his senior year, believes that his water polo experiences have provided him with the tools necessary to be effective in this new role. “All I really want is to hype everyone up and get the students more involved,” he said. 

According to leadership advisor Lindsay Webb-Peploe, Jenson “has a great set of leadership skills and personality and that showed at the rally.”

Price noted that Jenson enjoys the rewards of competition. “When we won early, he liked the taste of success and I think that’s been a motivation for him,” he said.

Jenson is excited to continue his water polo career at the Division 1 level. He hopes to “win an NCAA championship while learning from all the great players and competing with them for playing time.”