Basketball Still Searching for 1st League Win


Erika Riedel, Sports Editor

The varsity girls’ basketball squad suffered its 5th consecutive loss in league competition, falling to Acalanes on January 24, 52-37.

The Cougars remained relatively close to the Dons th

roughout the 1st half, with the largest deficit only 7 points. Unfortunately, Acalanes made a 3-point basket at the end of the 1st half that was a “big hit” for Campo’s morale, according to junior captain Kate Brown.

The girls exchanged words of encouragement at half time, “telling each other that we were still in this,” said Brown.

Acalanes gradually pulled away in the 2nd half.  ”

Acalanes is just a good team; they definitely got their stuff together in the 2nd half [and] that’s when we need to keep it going,” said senior player Zoe Crouch.

Sophomore player Kiana Thorson agreed, “We missed a lot of shots which showed because we lost by 15 points. But Acalanes is the best in the league so it was a pretty difficult game.”

This loss was disappointing as “it is always tough to lose a game to Miramonte or Acalanes, it hits you in the heart,” said Crouch. However, she added that these loses are still crucial in the improvement of the team’s skills by keeping them motivated to do better.

Moving forward, the girls’ team is focused on practice. “We need to find our groove… Losing our 4 top seniors last year we have a whole new group of girls coming in so we haven’t played together and we don’t know what works yet. I think that’s why we haven’t found our rhythm,” said Brown.

The squad is still seeking its 1st league win, and remain hopeful that an NCS playoff berth is in its future. Larson said, “Our goal is to just be really focused in what we’re doing in each moment. If we just keep giving it a 100 percent eventually we will win a league game.”