SEALS Strengthen LAX Chemistry

SEALS Strengthen LAX Chemistry

Kelly Pien, Opinion Editor

The boys’ varsity lacrosse team visited and trained with Navy SEALs at the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado on April 3. The visit was part of a trip the team took over spring break. The team was at the base for about 5 hours.

According to sophomore player Jake Tenerowicz, the visit was organized through a parent, Pat Doyle, who knew one of the captains at the base.

Sophomore player Alex Wahl described their day’s agenda as similar to a Navy SEAL’s. “They basically just ran us through their schedule of what they do for training, but they did dole it down a little bit for us.”

According to Wahl and head coach Mitchel Frey, the team first watched the Leap Frogs, a Navy parachute team, jump out of an airplane and land on a beach.

The training took place at the base. The students jumped into the ocean to get wet, then doused themselves in sand. After, they split into groups of 8 and lifted 250 pound logs, as part of the training similar to a Navy SEAL’s.

Finally, they did bear crawls up and somersaults down sand dunes.

“The SEALs pushed the Cougars to their absolute limits both physically and mentally. Even though it was only three hours, I’m sure it was the most intense training our kids have ever had,” Frey said. “If one person was not putting in their share of work, the rest of the team would suffer with the extra load. Communication was key, and despite some mishaps and bickering initially, the kids learned to work effectively as a team, gaining skills they can use both on the lacrosse field and undoubtedly throughout their lives.” 

“It helped our chemistry a lot by working together,” Tenerowicz said.

Wahl said the practice made the team “stronger mentally and physically.”

“I thought it was a great experience overall,” Wahl said. “And I think that anyone who wants to try out for the Navy SEALs has to be one heck of a tough guy.”