JV Softball Facing Extinction

Emily Fong, Staff Writer

JV softball may be cut for the 2013 season.  Heading into its annual informational meeting without a coach, the team faces many uncertainties, including whether or not Campolindo will even field a junior varsity team.

Last year, the team suffered problems ranging from losing their coaches mid-seasion to not having enough players.  The possibility of losing the JV team has been acknowledged by both players and staff. The main problem threatening the team is the difficulty of finding a qualified coach for the 2012-2013 season, according to Athletic Director Bob Wilson.

Wilson said,”We’ve been advertising, checking around, but nothing so far.”

The JV softball team’s dilemma may not impact the varsity squad for this season, but it does make preparing players for the varsity level more challenging without a developmental program. “Hopefully it doesn’t affect varsity, they have some newcomers coming up,” said Wilson.

Varsity coach Joe Long said, “It may not effect varsity this year, but the future of our program may depend on our ability to develop players.”

Junior Tela Zembsch said, “I really hope there’s a JV team. It really helps players get used to the pace of high school softball. Some people may have experience, but with things like LMYA, it’s not the same.” The Lamorinda Youth Association offers recreational youth softball, but many players have not practiced since then.

“Without it, there isn’t going to be a team that helps with player development, no stepping stone to varsity. It’s good to get some experience with high school softball,” added Zembsch. “You need to be playing.”

If the team is cut, some players are planning ahead.

“I really hope there is going to be a JV team again,” said sophomore Sharon Maher. “If not, then I’m going to try and make varsity instead.”

The problem leads back to the 2012 season, where the team could not find enough players to fill its roster consistently at the beginning if the season.

“Recruitment is always a concern,” said Wilson.

Last year, under threat of being cut, the team lost its first coach, later replaced by St. Mary’s graduate Lauren Locke. Locke is presumed not to be returning due to a personal conflict, according to assistant coach Bill Edwards.

“We’ve been working hard with St. Mary’s,” said Edwards, “a softball team alum would be great.”