Letter from the Editor: Revisioning the Past for a Funky, Fresh Future

With spring fast approaching, we are being met with new opportunities and experiences. In these situations, it is important to remember the past in order to ensure a positive outcome. The past can provide very helpful insight into what to avoid in the future, or what to repeat.

Gaining inspiration can sometimes seem like a daunting task, especially when navigating a new experience. A source of inspiration that should not be overlooked are things that you are already familiar with. Our past provides us with concrete examples of what does and doesn’t work, and of what brought us joy and what did not.

A prime example of the past affecting our present is through fashion. Old fashion trends are resurfacing every day. For example: low rise jeans, flared pants, platform shoes, bright colors, etc… have all made/are making a comeback. These trends all directly stem from styles first popularized in the 70s-00s. However, not all fashion from the past is being repopularized. We aren’t seeing people wearing jeans under dresses or massive shoulder pads (yet), because we realized as a society that these trends don’t work. We took inspiration from some fashion from our past, and left other trends to be remembered solely by the fashion police.

In sports, teams watch film from past games so that they know what they need to improve on for the next game. Rewatching, or rethinking, how you did something in the past is very valuable information because it can teach you how to better yourself for the future. Although sometimes looking back can be painful or embarrassing, like having to relive dropping a game-winning touchdown pass, it can allow you to realize what you did wrong and what you can do better next time.

This month it is especially important to acknowledge the past by celebrating Black History Month. As a society, we can use this month as an opportunity to educate ourselves and commemorate African American history. The past provides so many examples of Black excellence through art, music, protests, etc… The Black Student Union, here on campus, provides support for black members of our community, and others, all year long and hosts meetings every other Wednesday at lunch in E8.

The whole point of seeking inspiration is to improve ourselves, our abilities, or our situation. Although reflecting on the past may seem like a step backwards, it can actually be an opportunity to get the best out of the present and future versions of ourselves. We should not dwell on the past and become consumed by it, instead we should learn from it to become the best version of ourselves.