Grad Night Reveal Prompts Mixed Reactions


Karyna Aza (she/her)

Dinosaurs and ball pits <3

1 of the many events that seniors look forward to at the end of the year is Grad Night, a Campo tradition that promises a senior-exclusive celebration after graduation. This year, tickets retailed at $150, certainly raising student expectations. However, the response to the recent unveiling of the events that will occur during graduation night has been mixed.

This May, seniors will be spending their 1st night as high school graduates at “Lost Worlds: Family Fun Center”, which promotes itself on its website by its dino-themed arcade, laser tag, and ball pit. All the way in Livermore, students will be expected to take the long trip to the arcade by bus.

Many seniors are confused and disappointed by this unveiling, such as Lauren Shieh (she/her), who describes the venue as “somewhat age-inappropriate”, and speculates that the event will “not [be] worth the $150 price tag.”

Others are similarly shocked by the price that Campolindo charged for a night at a children’s arcade. “Personally, I am delighted with my decision not to purchase a ticket,” said senior Karyna Aza. Many others echo this sentiment. Senior Ali Montee stated that she is “extremely happy” that she decided not to take the $150 plunge (into a Dino-themed ball pit). More students are planning to request refunds.

Others, however, find these criticisms to be somewhat pretentious.

Senior Claudia Cruse (she/her) admitted that she had “low expectations in the 1st place”, but still finds that she is “excited for the event.” “Sure, it’s more suitable for 8-year-olds, but it’s more important that we are with our graduating class. That’s what Grad Night is for.” Furthermore, she thinks that the unorthodox venue will provide an opportunity for “silly, childish fun.”

Many other seniors, such as Cathy Kenderski (she/her), echo this statement. As Kenderski so frankly stated, “You’re not too cool for laser tag. Come on.”