Shirking Social Distancing Endangers Everyone

Despite a state-mandated “shelter-in-place” order, some Lamorinda high schoolers think that in the midst of a global pandemic is a good time to rebel against authority.

Going out with friends would have been considered harmless prior to the ongoing pandemic; hiking with friends or posing together for a Snapchat selfie were acceptable things for teens to do during their free time before the advent of social-distancing protocols.

However, nothing about the current situation is normal.

Adhering to the safety precautions in order to flatten the rate of COVID-19’s contraction is our job as human beings, and those who flagrantly break these stipulations are literally going to kill us.

For example, the rowdy college spring-breakers in Miami, Florida who had been at the forefront of the “social distancing is optional” trend seen among America’s youth have been detrimental. According to NBC News Miami, the area with the most corona-hating college kids has seen a spike in confirmed cases, illustrating that there is a consequence for ignorance.

22-year-old Floridan tourist Brady Sluder is now infamous for his statement to NBC News: “If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not going to let it stop me from partying.”

Likewise, those who ignore the call for social distancing in our community will face the wrath of angry Lamorinda parents who no longer have work responsibilities distracting them from their affinity for trying to control other people’s lives. Nextdoor Neighbor, a site on which residents post updates and complaints about the goings on in Moraga, has seen an explosion of reports about teens disobeying the rules.

1 frustrated resident describes witnessing teen girls hugging and embracing each other in public places, disregarding basic safety precautions.

“They are a threat to us all,” a resident responded.

Ironically, those most upset about school dances or spring sports being cancelled are the most frequent offenders during the shelter-in-place mandate.

This unwillingness to sacrifice social habits for the good of the community is naive and selfish. These young people need to get over themselves and realize that all of us want to see our friends, but the risk that such behavior carries far outweighs the temporary relief it might provide.

There are lots of senior citizens who reside in Lamorinda. We must protect them.

In fact, on April 2, 27 residents of an Orinda nursing facility tested positive for COVID-19. 1 of these residents died 3 days later.

It’s easy to facetime a friend or to sit 6 feet apart and still catch up. Everyone must accept the integral role we each play in mitigating this pandemic.

The more that kids in our community resist the social-distancing protocols, the more likely this pandemic will linger into late summer. Businesses will have to stay closed and the economy will further deteriorate. And, of course, more lives will be lost.

There are plenty of things to do to pass the time besides hanging with friends. La Puma’s website is chock-full of content to busy oneself in a pandemic-friendly manner.

Please, just assume you are an asymptomatic carrier of COVID and try to stay inside. Do your duty.