Wireless World Causing Serious Health Consequences

Kylie Choi, Staff Writer

It’s impossible to go through a school day without seeing students talking with phones glued to their ears or listening to bad rap music on their AirPods.

“I use AirPods for nearly everything on my phone. Even when I’m not listening to anything I have them in just in case I might need them,” said junior Robert Wang. The Wall Street Journal says that in 2019, Apple was estimated to have earned between $10 to $12 billion for the global sales of its trendy audio devices.

However, the Bluetooth devices that we place in such close proximity to our head have been linked to many health risks.

Research shows that wireless devices, including cell phones, are causing problems. Health reporter Markham Heid wrote in Medium that EMF (electromagnetic frequency) has been tied to cancer, DNA damage, and neurological disorders, which means things that use EMF, such as mobile phones, TV, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi routers and devices that use Wi-Fi, put people at risk.

Heid interviewed University of Colorado biochemistry professor Jerry Phillips, who believes AirPods expose tissues in the ear canal to a high amount of RF radiation.

Unfortunately, Campolindo students and staff appear addicted to these devices, either ignorant to the risks or unwilling to compromise their lifestyles in spite of them.

A petition addressed to the United Nations and the World Health Organization has been signed by about 250 researchers from an estimated 40 countries voicing concern over the dangers of EMF.

The prospect of having even the slightest chance of cancer, DNA damage, and neurological disorders should steer everyone clear of AirPods and other Bluetooth devices like speakers and car stereos, yet they continue to be ubiquitous in our affluent community.

Health information site Radiation Health Risks identified consequences such as brain tumors, dizziness, sleep disorder, anxiety, depression, birth defects related to Bluetooth radio waves. Not only does Bluetooth radiation can change cell structure, making you more susceptible to other diseases as well.

According to the health and wellness website VeryWell Health, a study showed that 15,000 Americans die per year due to radiation exposure. Yet, more and more of our daily life is being taken over by wireless devices.

Students need to make changes. We need to talk on speakerphones more and hold our phones to our ears less. We should use wired headsets. If we do these things we can decrease our likelihood of health issues.