Ski Week Saves Money, Relieves Stress

Arjun Chhabra, Staff Writer

The concept of “Ski Week,” a week-long break from school in the middle of February, might be an odd proposition for some Californians. After all, the state is known for its sunshine rather than its snow pack. Some Golden State residents may not have any interested in hitting the slopes.

But the name is misleading: “Ski Week” could be used to tour colleges, vacation to warmer climes, or to simply take a break from the stresses of school. Most importantly, it could save the school a ton of money, allowing students another window to take care of all those obligations they normally miss school to address.

According to SF Gate, on an average school day at Lafayette’s Acalanes High School, about 30 kids are absent. But nearly twice that number, 55 kids, were out last year on the day everyone was supposed to return from the long Presidents’ Day weekend.

Providing a few extra days off after President’s Day would avoid the loss of funding injured from absences.  The district receives funds based on student attendance.  When a student is absent, the school loses money.

Ski Week could be a huge benefit, especially for sophomores and juniors who take time off for college visits. Sophomore Cooper Schnurr said, “My sister and I are not able to visit all of the colleges we want to during the school year because we do not have time during winter. If we had a week off during February, we will be able to visit colleges without missing school.”

Many schools in in Mill Valley, San Rafael, and Los Gatos provided this additional vacation week. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch for Campolindo to do the same, even if it means a week less of summer.

Some Campolindo students support this idea. Senior Rory Miller said, “I would have loved to have a ski week because I go up to Tahoe often throughout the winter over the short 3 day weekends.”