Bay Area Best Place on Earth

Julia Sabey, Staff Writer

We won the lottery by being born in the Bay Area. More specifically, by being born (and/or raised) in a bubble in the bay. We have the best of both worlds, growing up in Lamorinda with San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and more right at our fingertips. Here’s why we’re so lucky to live in the Bay Area:

  1. Food. Where else in the world can you get Indian, Chinese, Thai, American, Mexican, and Italian on the same block? Okay, probably somewhere, but you have to agree that we have some of the best food here in the bay. I’ve been to some pretty cool cities in America, mostly for college trips, and I can confidently say I haven’t found better Thai anywhere else. And while I’m on the topic of food, our “fast food” is some of the best, ever. Does In-N-Out even classify as fast food?
  2. Farmers’ markets are everywhere. Especially since I began driving, I’ve gained a huge affinity for farmer’s markets. They’re in every town, and they sell fresh, local produce all year long. Our farmer’s market in Moraga has my favorite granola, the best tamales, and classic kettle corn. We’re spoiled by having access to this locally grown produce year-round.
  3. Nature! “Want to go on a hike?” is a common means of hanging out in Lamorinda, and I’ve gone on hikes in Berkeley, Richmond, and SF. There’s no shortage of outdoor activities in the Bay, and sometimes these activities can be really cool. Especially when they’re raising money for a good cause or offering to spray bright paints at participants. The bay makes going outside easy.
  4. Weather. Sure, when you tell people you’re from California and they immediately think you’re a surfer who lives in the ocean, you get angry. But they’re not as far from the truth as you tell them, especially by their standards. We are beyond fortunate to consider 60 degrees a chilly spring day. Yes, we have seasons, but we get far less dreary rain and snow than places as close as Oregon and Washington. And while we don’t get snow here, it’s never more than a 2-hour (ish) drive away. Yosemite to Tahoe, you can be in some the most beautiful snow-covered areas within hours and still a have a warm, dry home  waiting for you.
  5. Sports. You can lie and say you’re not a Giants fan, or a Raiders fan, or a Warriors fan, but the truth is, you’ve felt that little swell of pride when one of the local teams scores a tough win. And you’ve probably been a bandwagon fan, at least once. Admit it.
  6. Cream. Homeroom. Zachary’s. Bianca’s. My personal, local favorite, El Charro. Along with our amazing food selections, we have some restaurants that you can’t find anywhere else. We have a whole store dedicated to gourmet ice cream sandwiches and one solely for mac n cheese. There’s nothing better. PS: You haven’t lived until you’ve had El Charro guacamole.
  7. Music. Even if you don’t like certain music genres, you absolutely have to admit we have some of the best music ever right here in the bay. We are G-Eazy’s home, which is kind of incredible. You can find a concert every weekend, with music styles ranging all across the board. If you don’t want to make the trek out to Berkeley or San Francisco, you can stay local and head to the Moraga Commons for a laidback outdoor concert with your friends!
  8. Art. Same goes for art as it does for music. Whether it is graffiti art or belongs in the Louvre, we’ve got an amazing artistic base, with art everywhere you look in the bay.
  9. Dogs. Everywhere. Seriously.
  10. Six Flags. Waterworld, which could probably be improved, along with all of our local amusement parks, is an awesome destination for a day trip with friends or family. And Disneyland is close enough for a weekend trip, thank goodness.

If you still don’t agree that this is the best place to grow up, you’re wrong.