Canine Companions Better Than Human Friends

Daniela Moroz, Staff Writer

For the past 40,000 years, dogs have been companions for humans. In most recent history,  dogs have served their human companions in a variety of ways, from avalanche rescue to police work. They are loyal and reliable partners, who have come to be known as “man’s best friend.” Highly intelligent and unconditional in their devotion, dogs are quite remarkable. Here are 6 reasons why dogs are better than people:

1. They’re smarter than most people.

Not to mention the fact that they learn super quickly. They have common sense, which is not common in (most) people. They also won’t make stupid decisions. (And they’re not terrible drivers!)

2. They’re always there to talk to.

You can talk to them about anything and they won’t judge you. They’re great listeners, too – when you have something to say, they’ll actually look at you, listen, and give you honest advice with those big puppy-dog eyes.

3. They’re cute and cuddly.

… unlike most people. Plus, let’s be honest: puppies are way cuter than human babies.

4. You can count on their loyalty.

They will do whatever you tell them because of their undying loyalty to you. They’ll always be honest with you and will honor their commitment to you. You can trust them with your greatest secrets. (I mean, unless your dog is a total gossip, your companion won’t say a word to their dog park friends.)

5. They love you more than they love themselves.

Dogs are the only beings on this planet where this is true. It makes one wonder what humans ever did to deserve dogs. They never leave you alone and are always up for anything. When you come home, they run to meet you at the door because they missed you so much. Unlike people, they’ll never get sick of you and they aren’t picky.

6. You’re happy because they’re happy.

They give you loyalty, commitment, happiness, and love. And, they ask for so little in return. Let’s face it: they don’t even have to try to do something to make you smile or laugh.