Cool, Comfortable Clothes Create Confidence

Casey Miller, News Editor

I shop as much as the average teenage girl, with a big trip maybe once or twice a month. I purchase my clothing using money I earn from babysitting.

For many boys, maybe other girls, and possibly adults, it seems unreasonable that I spend a majority of the money I earn on clothing. For example, I earned over $100 babysitting last weekend, and I spent $60 shopping the next day.

I’m not a girly-girl.

I play softball, I avoid  Starbucks, and I frequent social networking sites less often than most girls I know.

I’m not a teenage girl stereotype.

I do like fashion though. I spend as much money as I need to in order to look good, feel comfortable, and make it through the day.

Whatever I wear determines the outcome of my day, as pathetic as that sounds. If I’m wearing a sweatshirt, jeans, and Ugg boots, I am going to feel and act like a lazy, tired mess. However, if I dress in my new camel-print skirt with a fun cardigan and combat boots, I’m going to be motivated and positive.

Fashion is a form of self-expression, and it can also form your expression.

Junior Marissa Monopoli also uses fashion to reinforce her character. “It’s just a good way to express who I am,” she explained.

My outfit often dictates my passion, my work, and the esteem that I carry with me during the school day. If I’m not feeling beautiful, I will be unhappy, rude, and possibly unfocused. Monopoli agrees. “If I’m wearing something I’m not comfortable in, then I’ll feel really awkward and not myself for the whole day, whereas if I feel confident in an outfit, it’ll make my day,” she said.

If I am wearing a new sweater, purchased with hard-earned babysitting money, you can bet that I’ll be confident going into first period on a Monday morning. Additional compliments from my friends bolster my self esteem, and when second period rolls around, I’m ready for that math test.

We all deserve to feel our best.

Wear what makes you comfortable, happy, and empowered to get through another day.