Frosh Deserve Advanced Courses

Jack Moeller, Staff Writer

There are no AP courses for freshmen.  There is only one honors course for which freshmen can qualify: Honors geometry.

I think that freshmen should be offered AP classes and more honors classes.

If freshmen could take AP classes, they would have more flexibly as juniors and seniors.  If students were allowed to take AP and honors classes as freshmen, they could more effectively spread their work load out over 4 years.

Perhaps an AP World History class could be introduced, or an Honors English 1 course. Students who take Biology before high school and do well in the class should be allowed to take AP Biology as freshmen.

For some people, math is challenging, while writing, vocabulary, and grammar in English comes much more easily to others. In each grade, there should be an honors class for every subject.

According to Senior Ashley Bernardo, taking Honors Geometry as a freshman was difficult, but it showed her what an Honors class was like. “I took Honors Geometry because I thought it would be a good challenge. I wanted to go into my freshman year and get ahead,” Bernardo said. “It was definitely difficult, but I do not regret it. It really helped me prepare for Honors classes. I think it was a good experience.”

Honors classes also allow students to take even more advanced courses later.

According to Jack Moser, he took Honors Geometry because it provided opportunities later in high school. “My previous teacher from JM recommended me, and it opens up 2 classes,” he said.

Freshmen should be offered AP classes, and an honors class should be offered for every subject. This would reduce junior or senior year stress and allow students to transition more easily into other advanced classes.