Take Advantage of 2nd Semester

Sarah Orders, Asst. Editor-in-Chief

When I turned in my AP Psych final, I was officially done with my first semester of senior year and my 7th overall at Campo. Turning in that 140 question test meant I had now made it to the most talked about high school semester.

Second Semester Senior Year.

It was strange, yet exciting to think that this was now a term that defined me and my classmates. I am now a second semester senior and although it is a term tossed around as an excuse for slacking off and relaxing a little more, it is still a strange concept to grasp.

We have worked so hard the past 3 and a half years and now, in a way, given one semester to relax. We are done with college apps and most are starting to hear back from colleges. We can now take time to enjoy ourselves.

However, at times, second semester has not felt much different. It’s not as though teachers simply stop teaching us and let us off the hook, but things have become more relaxed.

This last semester gives us an excuse to relax before we start the new chapter of our lives when most of us will leave the Lamorinda bubble.

For some seniors, the second semester mindset started as soon as college apps were submitted and their fate was in someone else’s hands. But now, their lackadaisical behavior is a bit more justified.

Second semester provides us our chance to embrace this final stretch of high school before we graduate. We have one final opportunity to make memories with people we may not see very much beyond high school.

My advice is to go to a baseball game, see the musical, enjoy the upcoming spring days, because soon we will be calling somewhere else home at this time of year. And underclassmen, keep working hard until you get here, because the payoff is worth it.