Drama Students Perform Humorous Skits to Entertain

For the two weeks preceding finals, Campo’s Drama students performed in academy sessions and after school for all who want to attend, as well as during select fifth period classes. May 10 and 17 were dedicated to Drama 1 students and their scenes. May 19 had Drama 2 and Advanced Drama Students, with some Drama 1students.

These students prepared with the help of drama teacher Chris McNevin for their performances. They enjoyed being able to share their creative, hard work with peers. Freshman Claire Johnston said, “I had a ton of fun…we were able to choose whatever scenes we wanted online or from ones around the classroom.” Johnston and her group performed a skit titled “The Cake,” which was about a couple and their friend who was a third wheel on their birthday.

“[The performances] are pretty short, only about six to eight minutes…we’re going to be going around some fifth period classes and performing them. On Thursday doors open at 6:30. We’re going to perform for an audience…We have been working on blocking and line tests to memorize our lines, but we’ve mostly been practicing a lot and working towards our performance date.” said freshman Molly O’Riordan.

Freshman Emma Hudak said that she was entertained watching an original skit created by a group of seniors: “They wrote it all by themselves so it was completely original…it was really fun to see and to know that it was all by them,” Hudak said.

Freshman Bhavana Kasalanati said she appreciated their bravery. “It’s really hard to perform in front of a bunch of people you don’t know in a classroom…I admire their ability and to not be embarrassed, and to keep making eye contact,” Kalanati said.