Fall Picnic Helps Foster School-Wide Bonding

Campolindo Leadership hosted a Fall Picnic on the lower field on October 28. Activities included decorating Halloween cookies, writing letters to veterans, listening to music, and eating lunch on tarps on the grass. The picnic was planned by the Community Outreach Board, with the aim of bringing the community together.

“We wanted a way to get the school involved in a community bonding event that could just get us in the spirit for fall. Because we don’t do enough as a school I feel like,” said Board Commissioner junior Cassidy Keely.

Senior Kemora Golstein was 1 of the many students who participated. “I thought it was so nice. I got to enjoy hanging out with my friends on the lower field. We ate the candies that they provided, and the cookies.”

Picnic-going students were also able to enjoy the “candy, and the weather was actually really nice,” sophomore Adriana Carranza said.

“I was really happy with the turnout,” Keely said. “We honestly didn’t have enough space at the tables for everyone, because we didn’t expect it to be as populated as it was. I’m really happy that everyone found a place to sit with their friends and to make cookies. It was great.”

“I think the Fall Picnic made people feel more at home and more comfortable at Campolindo,” Golstein said. “They should continue doing these activities.”