Drama Students Perform Scenes and Monologues

Liv Bersot, Sienna Jorgensen, Harrison Fuller, and Russell Wang do a scene from “Biff, Dickie, [Charlotte], [Margaret]”

The Drama 1 students have been working to put on both scenes and monologues during academy on May 11. During this time students could come to watch 3 scenes and 1 monologue.

There was a monologue from “Dance in the Railroad”, done by freshman Trevor Anderson. Freshmen Liv Bersot, Sienna Jorgensen, Harrison Fuller, and Russell Wang did a scene from “Biff, Dickie, [Charlotte], [Margaret]”. Freshmen Chance Newby, Lexi Awad, Ava Madrigal, and junior Vivi Gavillet did Act 1, Scene 1 from Little Women.

The Drama 1 students have been working on their pieces for several weeks and learned about costumes, blocking, and props in their scenes. Gavillet said, “I have learned so much this year from Drama and I really loved getting to know everyone and learning more about performing.”

Drama 1 is the 1st year of Drama at Campo, so it is filled with beginner actors learning the basics of acting. However, some of these students have a background in acting. Freshman Chance Newby said, “I have been acting for a while, and I really love it. It’s really fun to learn about characters. In our scene from Little Women, I played Jo and I loved learning about the character and thinking about how to play her.” There are all different levels of actors in this class.

Gavillet said, “I have never done acting before, but I decided to do this class because I thought it would be fun. I have learned about so many different acting techniques and I have also met so many new people.”

The students will also do some in-class performances to show others what they have been working on. Gavillet added, “I love performing, the feeling [of being] able to show others what you have been working on is so rewarding. I’m really excited to show others my scene, especially having it done once for people during academy.” Drama can teach students confidence and public speaking skills since you have to be confident to act in front of others.

Newby added, “I love drama. It’s such a great class and I’m so excited to keep performing.” Drama 1 is a stepping stone to other drama classes at Campo and many of these students will go on to Drama 2 and on in their next year(s) at Campo.