Advanced Drama Students Direct Original Scenes

Students in Drama 2 advanced performed 10-minute student-directed original scenes during academy on May 18. The 1st scene was directed by senior Rennick Coates, and the 2nd by senior Sarah Tallarico.

Coates’ scene was centered around a young couple participating in couple’s therapy, titled “Dealing with Dignity.” The 10-minute scene consisted of flashbacks of the couple fighting in the past, and culminated in a jaw-dropping moment where the audience discovers that the woman in the relationship, Lucy, is actually dead.

Coates had a good, but challenging, time writing the script. “It was hard at 1st to figure out which direction I wanted to go in. But once I got the ball rolling, it was a lot easier. And watching everyone perform and do a great job was awesome to see,” he said.

Senior Isabella Grassini, who’s been in drama for 4 years, acted in Coates’ scene. “Performing in the scene was challenging, but rewarding, as I got to work with some of my closest friends for our final project together,” she said, “It was really great to watch them write, cast and direct these scenes. Drama is a super fun and challenging environment that allows every student to flourish.”

Senior Pauline Barlier was brought to tears by the performance. “I really enjoyed Rennick’s scene and [Grassini’s] stellar performance,” she said.

The 2nd scene, directed by Tallarico, was titled “Moving Day,” which is a continuation of the Pixar movie Inside Out. It was centered around a girl, Riley, and her feelings about moving away to college. “It was really fun to write the scene. It was a really collaborative process, so everyone added something to the overall product. Watching the whole scene come together was super rewarding, and I’m really proud of everyone in my group,” said Tallarico.