Students Donate Blood, Help Those in Need

Campolindo held a blood drive on April 22 in the small gym for which students 16-years-old and older were encouraged to sign up and donate blood. Many students donated blood at this event because they want to help the community and others feel as if it is their onligation as a young person.

“I wanted to donate because I knew I would be saving lives. A simple gesture like this would impact many and it makes me happy knowing I can help others,” said senior Maddy Ng.

Senior Jake Young said, “I really wanted to donate blood because I feel that it’s like my duty as a young person to donate. Like I’m healthy, so why not donate to people that might need it.”

Still, some people had views that the blood drive did not go smoothly. There were more students signed up to donate than workers that could draw blood. Students who signed up to donate were pulled out of class and many had to wait in long lines.

Senior Rennick Coates said, “The drive was severely understaffed, so I had to wait in line for about an hour and a half before being seated and tested, but other than that the process was alright. Once I was seated they pricked my finger to see my blood type and check my iron levels, and then my blood was drawn.”

Even though many students were upset about the long wait times, overall they were glad to be able to help out people in need by donating blood.