Juniors Dance the Night Away at Prom


Kiera Roux

Junior Prom

Junior prom was hosted on the Saint Mary’s soccer field on April 23, with the theme of an “Enchanted Evening.”

Various other activities were provided for the juniors to enjoy, including a dance floor, blackjack tables, food trucks, and a photo booth. Junior Amanda Moe said, “I loved the dance floor and the songs that were played. It was a lot of fun to be jumping around with my friends and hanging out.”

The food trucks consisted of tacos, pizza, chicken and waffles, and more. Chaperone and English teacher Darrion Carlyle said, “They had 6 different food trucks, but [I] went to the taco truck because I love tacos, and they were really good.” There wasn’t a sit-down dinner this year, just the food trucks with many lounge areas to enjoy the food in.

Aside from the dinner, there was also an extensive dessert table that had many treats to choose from. It had a variety of cookies, brownies, and donuts assembled for students to enjoy while dancing and hanging out.

The venue was outdoors this year and had tents set up that were decked out with “butterflies and enchanted evening decorations everywhere,” said Moe. Inside the tents there were many couches and chairs, tables, and all of the activities mentioned above.

Prom exceeded many expectations, including that of junior Jazzy Truax, who said, “I wasn’t expecting all of the activities that were there, so that was pretty cool.”

Although it ended up being a successful night, there are always ways to improve for next year. Carlyle suggested, “I think they need to figure out a way to get all folks involved because there were a lot of people who were sitting down having conversations, and maybe having card games for them to play would have been cool.”