Alvaro Wins ASB Vice Presidential Election

Junior Alvaro Ledezma will be the next Associated Student Body (ASB) Vice President. The election took place on March 2 during 5th period, and Leadership students went to each class to distribute ballots and collect votes. Ledezma ran against junior Blake Webster, another member of Leadership.

Next year, Ledezma plans on making Campolindo a more friendly environment for all students. “I want to help to create a more atmospheric campus where people feel comfortable to express themselves. I want to [put an] emphasis on inclusion because I know that high school can be a difficult time for many, especially the middle schoolers who are transitioning from middle school to high school. I want new students to feel as if this is a place where they can be themselves,” says Ledezma.

Ledezma also believes that part of his win was thanks to his campaign, as both he and Webster made posters and offered sweets to students.

“I 1st campaigned in the quad by giving out candy and then I slowly moved up into other areas of the school to talk to students. It was a fun experience because I got to meet a variety of new people and it made me more aware of the student body,” said Ledezma.

“I’m very happy for Alvaro,” said Webster. “I think that he’s going to be a great vice president. He’s a great leader and I think that he’s really good at fulfilling his role as vice president.”

Many in the Leadership class are glad the election went well and were able to count the votes quickly. Junior Marissa Castillo, Diversity Commissioner for ASB Leadership and ASB president for the 2022-2023 school year said, “The election process went smoothly. I think both Alvaro and Blake are great candidates. I’m glad to have Alvaro as my vice president next year, and I hope Blake will stay in this class because I do believe I need both of them.”