BSU Organizes Celebrations for Black History Month


Grace Franklin

Campo honors black history month with events and celebrations of black culture.

Campolindo is currently in the midst of celebrations for Black History Month, lasting throughout the month of February. Students may have noticed the walls adorned with posters of Black innovators and quotes from Black poets read by junior Sydney Wood (she/her) over the PA system, but the Black Student Union (BSU) has more celebratory and educational events planned for the month of February.

BSU played a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on February 9, while passing out cupcakes from Black-owned business Cupcakin’ Bakin’ in the quad.

BSU plans to continue this celebration of Black history and culture every Friday. There will also be a district-wide movie night on February 23 in the library, as well as a Jazz concert on January 28 in the quad. Meanwhile, BSU will continue their bi-weekly Wednesday meetings in E8 at lunch. This month, they are planning to focus on educating students about the influence of Black fashion and style and Black cinema.

As BSU president, Wood stated, “People overlook that Black culture is American culture.” BSU’s celebration of Black music, Black art, and Black fashion educates students on a culture that is as overlooked as it is influential. From celebrating the influence of Black musicians and discussing the influence of Black fashion and television, BSU is “highlighting the excellence of Black culture in lots of different ways,” Wood added.

However, school counselor and BSU supervisor Patrick Turner (he/him) encourages others to realize that “this marginalized group is a part of American history, and isn’t just a month.” BSU’s efforts this month are only a small sample of their contributions to Campolindo. The club meets bi-weekly year-round, and is open to all students joining for educational lectures and peer discussions.

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