Campolindo Choir Holds Long Awaited Musical Auditions


Makayla Erickson

Students get a shot in the limelight as they audition for this year’s musical, Cinderella.

Campolindo held its first musical auditions in almost 2 years on September 21 and 22 for their upcoming musical, Cinderella. Directors David Pinkham and Mark Roberts welcomed all choir students to tryouts and each student prepared a cut from a song of their choice to perform.

The environment during the tryouts was described as, “… pretty comfortable since it was people I’ve seen before,” said sophomore choir student Abby Shang.

Although the directors were hopeful for this new musical, they had their fears, as half of the choir students had never tried out for a Campolindo musical before due to COVID-19. Roberts said, “We are trying to get back a lot of the momentum that was sort of implicit before COVID and trying to [regain] that energy. We just have students who have less experience. It’s not their fault, but naturally because of the way that COVID played out, half of the students just have less experience than they typically would.”

Sophomore choir student Hanna Bjornson said that her inexperience “[didn’t] really [affect her tryout] because the environment in the room when trying out was really low pressure and relaxed.”

Everyone is remaining hopeful that this year’s musical will continue like normal, but with ever changing health guidelines, it’s hard to know for sure. Roberts said, “It’s hard to know, with the state and local county guidelines changing pretty regularly. They’re supposed to be updating the guidance on November 1 for the whole county and state based on where numbers are at that point.”

Regardless, students participating in the musical all share 1 thing: a love for performing. Shang said, “I really enjoy singing with people and performing with my friends.”