Rock Garden Commemorates Class of 2020

The Red “C” Rising campaign has included the creation of a new painted rock garden on campus in order to raise spirits and connect the community during the coronavirus pandemic.

The initiative, which has invited community members to paint rocks with positive messages and leave them in a section of the campus at the entrance of the school, is titled “CAMPO ROCKS.”

Parents Christie Lenahan and Abbie Buckley developed the concept. Lenahan said, “I hope that many will enjoy the creative outlet, expressing the support for our Campo community and sending inspirational messages. As the rocks come together, our community spirit shines and makes people feel good.”

Lenahan sees the growth of the project as a success and noted that “pictures of them are already making their way on Facebook. We hope to get a hundred or more and will likely continue this through the summer since more and more people are asking how to do them and wanting to participate.”

Junior Amy Serrano, who has contributed to the project, said, “It brings a sense of togetherness and allows people to have an artistic outlet while trying to represent Campo.”

“At this time it’s hard to find ways to feel united but painting rocks was a great idea,” said sophomore Paige Chivers, another participant.

As for where the rocks will end up, Lenahan adds that the idea is to use it as a memorial for the class of 2020 as “the senior class is putting in a tree on campus, maybe we will move them under the tree to memorialize this time.”