Chinese Brush Painting Calms, Enriches


Yasmine Chang, Staff Writer

Asian Art Museum docent Pauline Tsui presented the art of Chinese brush painting to students during an academy session on February 21.  Librarian Sarah Morgan coordinated the special visit.

According to Tsui, “People who enjoy art programs these days actually want to find different approaches. So using the Chinese brush technique is a good way to expand on people’s art, but also is a way to help them enjoy being creative, and enjoy relaxing while they paint.”

Senior Kate Ye, who attended the workshop, said, “I think for me at least, I’ve always just done painting just as an exercise, but I never really thought about, like, the focus…behind it.”

Morgan said, “We have a very academic program here at Campolindo High School. Sometimes it’s good to do things that use the right side of the brain, which is things like painting and learning about cultures. And so she did a nice job of not only teaching kids about painting but why we use those techniques like that in Chinese painting.”

Morgan added that Tsui helped “spur educational enrichment.”

“I felt like the feeling in the room was so calm and everybody seemed really happy,” said Morgan.