McCann Promotes Wellness Center


Jessica Rosiak, News Editor

Liana Holcomb McCann, who joined the campus staff to head the Wellness Center this year, hopes to make the space more inviting and accessible.

McCann has a “strong interest in mental health and specifically working with youth” which led her to the Wellness Center. McCann has previously worked as a nanny, a summer-school counselor, and English teacher for a high school in Colombia.  She has a degree in psychology.

McCann enjoys working with “kids but in different types of contexts.” She hopes to revamp the Wellness Center by trying “to get the word out” that “it is for everyone. It’s not just for people who are in crisis or who are going through hard times.”

“No matter who you are, you have stuff going on that can feel overwhelming,” said McCann.

While the center has been open for over a year, some believe it is still underutilized. “People should know more about the Wellness Center,” said junior Annis Gong.  “People just do not know.”

McCann has introduced creative activities during lunch such as watercolor, origami, and friendship bracelets. These crafts will be available every Wednesday and Friday during lunch.

Attendance technician Stephanie Sliwinski said that McCann has been her “favorite new addition to Campo.”

“Anybody who walks into the Wellness Center is going to feel [McCann’s] energy because she has a real welcoming, soft, kind, sweet, approachable energy, and she’s the perfect intake specialist. She’s the perfect hostess to the Wellness Center,” said Sliwinski. “I’m so grateful that I get to work with her and that my daughter gets to attend a school that she works at.”

“I just want students to know it is for everyone. Nobody should feel like there is a barrier to coming in here,” said McCann, who added that she is open to any suggestions that would improve the Wellness Center.