Frosh Seminar Orients Newcomers


Jensen Rasmussen and Maggie Doolittle

Freshmen Seminar, a program intended to orient freshman with skills needed to succeed in high school, began August 21. This has been a part of the incoming freshmen experience for the past 3 years, though starting last year, it was reduced from 10 Academy period meetings to just 5.

Junior seminar leader Emma Dillard, who went through Freshman Seminar when it was 10 weeks long, said, “I think that shorter length [seminars] are much more effective because the lessons are on the most important topics.”

Upperclassmen are assigned to each seminar to educate the newest class, bringing upper and lowerclassmen together with an array of slideshows, lessons, and interactive activities. 

According to Dillard, the best part about being a leader is answering questions about things she wanted to know her freshman year because she is “able to help point [freshmen] in the right direction.”

English teacher Lauren Henson, who leads a Freshman Seminar, said that because of these efforts, “freshman are feeling more connected on campus.” 

Henson explained that before freshmen seminar was introduced, only about 45% of surveyed students felt orientated on campus. According to Henson, 2019 survey results show that this percentage has increased to about 70%. 

Freshman Diego Davila Gil agreed that Freshman Seminar is a good experience. “My seminar leaders were really fun…we did a bunch of activities,” said Davila Gil. Having the opportunity to get to know other students in his group also helped him feel more acquainted on campus.