Parents, Teachers Connect at Back to School


Sofie Blaj and Yasmine Chang

Parents visited classrooms during back-to-school night on August 22, providing them a brief opportunity to learn about basic curriculum plans and classroom management procedures in store for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Freshman Caroline McCool said, “I think it was helpful for them because I’m the oldest child and my parents got to meet all the teachers as they haven’t had anyone at this school before. I think it helped them get acclimated.”

English teacher Jake Donohoe said she provides parents with basic information on how to reach her and “what they can expect for the kids to go through.”

“I think there are so few times, particularly in high school, where parents get to come onto campus that an opportunity to meet the kid’s teachers and get a sense of what the classroom is like is important,” Donohoe added.

Parent Kami Rossi said that back-to-school night helps establish a healthy relationship between school and home-life. “I think it’s important to connect with the parents and to give any further explanation and ways that we can support our kids at home. Making that connection is important,” she said.

“I’m really impressed with the school in general, this blows my mind what kinds of things they are learning,” Rossi added.