Annual Senior Diversion Banned

Arjun Chhabra, Staff Writer

From ambushing front yards before school to hiding in trunks after school, the annual “assassins” game returned on April 22.

The senior spring diversion begins with hundreds of students in self-assigned groups of 4. Each group is tasked with eliminating at least half of their target group via squirt gun to stay in the competition.  “As the amount of teams has gotten smaller, it has become less stressful because you don’t think everyone is coming after you,” said senior Kat Xie.

While the use of water pistols had been limited to campus open areas like the quad and athletic field in the past, this year school administrators have completely prohibited the playing of the game on campus.

“The fact that the administration does not want the students to play in school makes them want to break the rules and play during school time. I also think it would be safer to play during school hours so people are not chasing each other home,” said senior Sarah White.

The winning team will earn the $470 pot, the result of the $10 entry fee contributed by each team.

“This is probably 1 of the most fun things I have ever done at Campo. I love how so many people can come together and enjoy despite all of our differences,” said Xie.

Staff members have expressed concern regarding the game. “As a driver, I have concerns about driving in Lafayette and Moraga because other drivers are out playing assassins,” said Psychology and History teacher Matt Bostick.