Donohoe Throws Game for Students’ Sake

Donohoe Throws Game for Students Sake

Layla Wright, Editor

This year’s March Madness Rally, which featured a student-teacher 4 vs. 4 basketball game, was held on March 8 after a rescheduling of the basketball rally that was canceled in January due to a damaged basketball hoop and backboard.

In spite of a last-minute roster change, student squad earned the victory over the teachers.

Although the student-teacher game was originally intended to feature members of the varsity boys’ basketball team in anticipation of the state championship game, Coach Stephen Dyer was concerned about his players being fatigued for the big game.

Spirit Coordinator senior Alex Corallo said, “It was definitely not easy when Mr. Dyer told me last minute that the basketball players we had selected weren’t able to play in the rally, but with the help of Ms. Webb-Peploe and specifically Zoe Crouch, we were able to find some other players and still pull it off,” she said.

Crouch, a member of the girls’ basketball squad, said, “The rally board asked me to play in the rally last minute, and I was totally up for it,” she said. “It was really fun and I would definitely do something like that again.”

Along with Crouch, junior Peter O’Donnell, senior Ryan Jeter, and junior Kate Brown competed against staff members Dino Petrocco, Jamie Donohoe, Laura Lee, and Stephen Dyer.

Donohoe said that although the teachers lost the game, it was all in good fun. “I would say I’m competitive, but I was able to squelch that competitive spirit for the betterment of the children. I tried to make the students look good, which is why the teachers lost,” said Donohoe. “If we were playing for real, it wouldn’t have had that outcome. It’s not that we felt bad we just wanted to help the students.”