Club Hosts Annual Santa Letter Fundraiser


Sebastian Fojut, Staff Writer

Since 2016 the Make a Wish club has been participating in a Santa letter writing campaign sponsored by the national department store chain Macy’s. For every letter written by a student to Santa, Macy’s donates $1 to the Make a Wish foundation.

This year’s fundraiser will continue through January 20. “Anyone can write them, it doesn’t even have to be a full letter, it just has to be a slip of paper with something you want on it,” said junior Angie Louie, the club’s vice president.

According to Louie, last year’s letter count broke records. “Last year we gave them so many letters that they had to decrease the amount of money we get per letter,” she said. Louie attributed this success to the increased awareness of the drive.

Sophomore Jeremiah Mintz agreed with Louie. “Last year, I didn’t know it existed, but this year I’ve heard quite a few people mention it,” he said.

Many students are happy to see the involvement of Macy’s in a charity like Make a Wish. Sophomore Helen Kaidantzis said,  “Macy’s is a huge corporation with a lot of money, so it’s nice to see them donate some money to the less fortunate. I hope more companies do the same.”

Kaidantzis contributed her own letter to the campaign. “It’s great to work together to write these letters to help people in need,” she said.

Sophomore Isabella Bartos added, “It’s really great how everyone is so keen on helping improve the quality of life.”