Open Space Plan Includes Painted Rock


Jessica Rosiak, Sports Editor

The Painted Rock, a well-known Moraga landmark sitting atop the hillside overlooking the intersection of Rheem Blvd. and Moraga Road, may become part of a larger open space area accessible to the public.

After 4 years of standstill, Nancy Christman, the owner of the land that includes the Painted Rock, has offered the land to the John Muir Land Trust (JMLT) for $2 million in an effort to keep it from being developed.

JMLT hopes to raise the funds for the purchase by May 31, 2019.

Christman’s deceased partner, Roger Poynt, had wished to develop the land. Now, the JMLT plans to create new trails on the hill while preserving the wildlife.

According to junior Ellie Guthrie, the preservation on Painted Rock and establishment of trails will prove beneficial to Moraga, as “people don’t have to trespass to get up there,” she said. “I like the idea of the trails because I think it would be beneficial to the community.”

Guthrie, who is on Campolindo’s cross country team, believes that the rocks are “a big aspect of the community.” 

“It’s always fun to see if there is something new on it and I think that it’s something that is part of Moraga that people have learned to love and enjoy. It’s a tradition that’s really fun to be a part of or see, and I think that if it’s taken away it would just be a bummer,” added Guthrie.

With houses already being built on the hills near St. Mary’s College, the building that was slated to occur on Painted Rock would be “taking the purpose out of the hill. It would be nice if we have that one hill that doesn’t have stuff on it,” said sophomore Kira Jamgotchian.

Jamgotchian added that the rock makes Moraga “feel more like a town and community.”

Coach Chris Walsh agreed, and said that the painting of the rocks is “a Campolindo tradition.”