Power Month Features Diverse Speakers

Madeleine Singh, Sports Editor

The Women’s Awareness on Campus club (WAC) will conduct its annual “Power Month” as the club transitions from biweekly meetings to weekly meetings during March.

The club, which meets every Wednesday in room E9, plans to feature an array of speakers covering different topics within the realm of women’s rights and intersectionality. Though the club’s advisers wish to keep most of its panelists a surprise, coordinating director junior Lila Chatterton said that the club has some “very exciting” speakers lined up –some of which members may recognize from last year’s Power Month– as well as new speakers.

Club president junior Mia Asuncion described Power Month as the biggest event of the year for WAC. “Each speaker will have something to offer our student body and we encourage everyone to come, boy or girl, regular attendee or not,” she said.

“Power month is especially exciting because it’s a time for us to really demonstrate our commitment to intersectionality by giving a voice to diverse speakers on a multitude of topics,” added Chatterton.

One goal of the club is to provide a safe environment on campus. “Since day 1, I was blown away at how open of an environment WAC is,” said junior Andrew Price, who attends meetings regularly. “I see it as an open space for me and a good amount Campo students to not just support one another, but also to learn about problems that affects people all across the country and sometimes even each other. It makes me really honored to be a part of WAC.”

“The biggest misconception [about WAC] is that we’re all butt-hurt liberals talking about how much we hate Trump and how disadvantaged white women are, but that’s not what the club is about at all, and the meetings are actually super laid back,” added junior Lindsay Torres, the club’s social media chair. “We welcome everyone regardless of political party, gender, or anything.”

Interested students can follow WAC on Instagram, @campowac, for reminders about upcoming meetings.