Elective Reps Visit Stanley Middle


Madeleine Singh, Sports Editor

Elective course representatives visited Stanley Middle School on January 29 in an effort to help incoming freshman navigate their elective choices.

Representatives from elective classes such as French, video production, and leadership took turns talking for a couple minutes. The Campolindo students also provided more general information about block scheduling, extracurriculars, and managing schoolwork.

“I think it’s super important for current Campolindo students to come down and meet with the 8th grade students to help ease any anxiety there might be,” said principal John Walker, who preceded the presentation with a quick overview of Campolindo and its various offerings. “The current students know Campo the best, so I think they’re the best ones to share about the Campo experience,” he said.

“I was really clueless before [the Campolindo students] came, but now I know what electives I want to do,” said 8th grader Ava Ghazvini after the presentations.

Many of the presenters were former Stanley students, and being back on campus reminded them of their middle school days. “I remember how nervous I was about going to Campo, like ‘Oh my gosh, the real deal, its serious’, you know, but I just felt for [the 8th graders] and I wanted to reassured them that high school is gonna be a fun experience,” said sophomore Mia Travis, who represented the French elective. “I went because I wanted to visit the 6th graders that I knew who are in 8th grade now, see if they’ve changed at all. I just wanted to see how things were,” she said.

“Overall, it was a pretty good experience. I got to see a few teachers and I got to miss school, which was fun,” added Travis.