Natural Resources Highlight Impermanence


Ronald Hohnsbeen, Staff Writer

Inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy, Art 1 utilized natural resources to create artwork during December and January.

Goldsworthy’s work highlights transience, the idea that nothing lasts forever. He highlights this reality with the use of natural materials in his artwork.

Students mimicked his methods by collecting and sculpting flowers, branches, and other organic materials into art bound to decay. “The [transience] concepts we use in class apply to our lives,” said freshman Anastasia Lopez.

Lopez crafted a flower using green, yellow and orange leaves. “It was a fairly difficult design, but at least I did it with some of my friends which made the job easier,” said Lopez.

Freshman Cooper Schnurr came to appreciate the exercise. “The rewarding part of doing something like this is the realization that nothing is permanent,” he said.

Schnurr’s project focused on simplicity, a solid line of yellow leaves meandering on a grassy backdrop. “I didn’t want to go for something too delicate or intricate, so my team and I agreed on doing something that was more simplistic but still conveyed the message that nothing lasts forever,” he explained.

Art Teacher Jill Langston said, “It is a different way for students to create art, and some students excel at working outside as oppose to being in the studio and that is totally legitimate because there are many different ways of creating art.”

The project was Langston’s final assessment for the 1st semester. It took the place of a final exam.

The project itself was fairly labor intensive because it required the students to forage for usable materials from nature.