Light Sculptures Illuminate Campus Departments

Jessica Rosiak, Staff Writer

Using light as their medium, Jill Langston’s Advanced Art students are creating sculptures that represent each of the campus departments to be displayed at February’s open house.

Last year students were required to make light sculptures representing the architectural styles of various countries.

Once this year’s sculptures are completed, they will reside in each department’s respective hallway.

“We have all different types of sculptures. They range from silhouettes to ones that are arranged around form… some of them are just created from folding paper or shooting light from cellophane so they are all very different and they all have different processes to build them,” said Langston. 

Junior Hope Chu is co-heading the sculpture that represents the science department. “It will take about 3 months to complete the sculptures and then we would display them during open house,” Chu said.

“[It] is going to be a more giant collaborative piece hopefully getting all students from Campo to be able to participate in a little part of it,” said Langston.