Short Films Document Middle School Visit


Jessica Rosiak, Staff Writer

Leadership and Video Production classes visited middle school students at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School (JM) on November 17.

The visit included Leadership students modeling strategies for developing school spirit for the middle schoolers and video students documenting the presentations.  The footage will be use to craft short films scheduled to be screened at the Lamorinda Film Festival  in April. The films document the visit with JM students.

Video Production teacher Justin Seligman said, “We did this event last year as well, and we made some changes from last year, but we were doing it again.” The changes reorganized the activities so there was less overlap. 

Both Campolindo and JM students learned how to use cameras and video editing software. “It really helped me learn to communicate with younger students and teach them how to use programs like videos,” said sophomore John Stepp. 

The high school students were put in a position to provide instruction on the same concepts they themselves are learning in their video production course. Junior Alex Rodriguez said, “I learned how to work with other people that may or may not have lesser experience than me, and it was great how we all worked together and… gave them advice.” 

The Campolindo video production students made presentations to 7 different groups of JM students throughout the day.

“It was really cool to get to say ‘Hi’ to all my old teachers and really get to help with the [high] school experience,” Stepp said.