New Paint, New Shades Transform Campus

New Paint, New Shades Transform Campus

Mikhail Vasilyev, Staff Writer

Campus renovation, which includes exterior painting, removal of exterior window blinds and the addition of interior window coverings,  began on April 19 and is scheduled to end by graduation, according to associate principal Jonathan Drury.

The construction crews, so far, have removed the tiles off of the walls and replaced them with stucco.

Custodian Benji Wadsworth said, “The whole school is not going to have tiles. The building was built in the 60s sometime, so [the tiles] are starting to fall, so they’re just going to pull the tile off and replace it with smooth stucco.”

The main exterior color will match that of the walls of the multi-use room. According to Drury, the changing of the blinds will pose the biggest problem for the construction team and will probably result in delays.

“Keep in mind that its scheduled to be done by [graduation],” said Drury. “Chances are there’s going to be some delays. But it’s definitely going to be done by August.”

Some students are not happy about the changes though. Freshman Connor Logan said, “[The removal of the tile] makes the school look like even more of a prison. In my opinion they should have kept it.”

The new, bright red and blue trim color has also been met with mixed reviews. Sophomore Jonah Kelsey said, “They’re just changing the school from looking like a prison to a school for clowns.”

Nevertheless, the administration believes the updates will be a positive change. “It’s exciting to see each week the progress that is going on each weekend. But its looking very promising so far,” Drury said.