Baseball Breaks Vehicle Window

Kyle Flett, Staff Writer

Baseball’s sluggers have proven themselves to be successful at hitting the ball out of the park in practice, breaking the window of a car in the Aquatic Center lot, beyond the baseball field fence, on March 17.

The damaged vehicle is that of senior Jared Yabu.  While the window requires repair, Yabu appeared not to be upset. “I give them props for hitting a bomb,” he said.

“I didn’t realize it was a baseball at first. I thought my car had gotten broken into,” said Yabu. “I parked about two spots down from the big fence, next to the garden.”

Senior baseball player Shane Dalton, who claimed to be the one who broke the window, is impressed with the attention his team has given to its offense. “Half our practice is hitting,” said Dalton, “we have a bunch of good hitters this year.”

The baseball team was preparing for their upcoming games against Casa Grande and Granite Bay when Yabu’s vehicle was struck.

According to Yabu, he has been left to pay for the damage himself.

“It was obviously not done on purpose,” he said.