Video Tech Documents JM Visit


Kyle Flett

Campo and JM students play Tug of war

Beck Chambers, Staff writer

Leadership and Video Production 4 classes visited Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School on November 18. The video production 4 class documented the trip with a film they titled Funtastic Beasts, a spoof on the name of the new Harry potter movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Goals for the trip included an attempt to “merge the gap between the two schools,” said Leadership officer Nick Mediati. A 2nd goal was to “get greater interest in the Video production program,” said Jack Moser.

According to Video Tech instructor Justin Seligman, the goal of the visit was “to create a stronger bond between Camoplindo and JMIS.”

Mediati said the trip “is mainly to connect the two schools, JM and Campolindo.” He added that the main goal of the trip prior to having Leadership join was just for Video Production to film Funtastic Beasts. Afterward, the purpose was to have fun and hang out with the students.

While Video Production filmed, Leadership hosted a Monster Dance off at lunch and had JM students compete in activities like tug-of-war, an obstacle course, jump rope and Hula hoops, and Hungry Hungry Hippos.