Faculty Hosts Drama’s Sketch Comedy Show

Faculty Hosts Dramas Sketch Comedy Show

Genie Lee, Editor

Inspired by popular sketch comedy shows, the drama department and a handful of teachers performed Campo Night Live to a packed audience on December 8, 9, and 10.

Jamie Donohoe’s drama class put together 8 skits for each night. Associate principal Karen Findlay, and teachers Dino Petrocco and Tren Kauzer appeared as guest hosts on their respective nights.

A dinner scene that resulted in a murder, a restaurant scene where the couple broke up, and a school dance scene between 2 middle school students were some of the comic highlights.

Johnny Johnson’s jazz band also performed throughout the night in between the skits, featuring Trumpet, saxophone, and piano soloists.

“The format worked so well last year we decided to do it again because it was cool for a number of different reasons. Having the jazz band and working with them was really fun. And then getting the faculty to step up and do something that is pretty tough to do as an adult, to stand up here a different way. The actors were also really excited to do it,” said Donohoe.

There were some additions made to the content and format used a year ago. “We’ve added not just SNL skits, but also a couple of Key and Peele skits, and then some straight stage skits,” said Donohoe.

The drama class spent much of the first semester rehearsing after school and preparing sets and props.

Senior Emily Halsebo helped create the backdrop for the show. “I really enjoy building sets and helping to create the illusion for a scene,” she said.

Those who participated in the drama production for the first time, such as Findlay, had to learn quickly. “I was not good about learning my lines and they were so sweet and so kind and really supportive as they tried to help me,” she said. “I actually recorded myself reading them so when I was commuting I could listen to it and practice in the car. It’s just finding the time to do it.”

“The students looked like they were having so much fun even rehearsing and working on it,” Findlay said.

4 year drama student Jake Oxendine said, “I was in the Campo Night Live show last year so I was used to performing. It’s fun getting to see all these people and seeing their reactions and talking to them afterwards. It’s not to stressful.”

According to Oxendine, the show “was a blast because the feeling of performing in front of people and doing it with the rest of the drama group was just amazing.”