Admin Blocks Election Protest

Kyle Flett, Staff Writer

In an effort to protest the results of the recent presidential election, a portion of Campolindo students attempted to leave campus during the lunch period and the beginning of 5th period on Monday, November 14.

While hundred of students watched, a group of roughly 50 attempted to organize the “walkout” in front of the cafeteria during the lunch period. However, principal John Walker and vice principal Karen Findlay effectively prevented their departure by standing in their way.

The walkout was not universally supported by students. Senior Jack Strong was critical of both the timing and the effectiveness of the event.  “It was disorganized and did not accomplish anything, it should have been a week earlier and much more organized to make any real statement,” he said.

Walker released a statement via email to the student body following the incident which both acknowledged students’ rights and explained restrictions: “The Campolindo staff encourages free speech and civic engagement, and our school is an excellent venue for students to respectfully express diverse opinions. Students have the right to express their political opinions; however, for reasons primarily related to safety and supervisions, the school will not support a walkout.”

In an effort to give students an opportunity to express their opinions regarding the election, leadership held an open forum during lunch on Tuesday, November 15, and Wednesday, November 16.