Art History Club Back on Track

Mikhail Vasilyev, Staff Writer

The Art History Club will be convening in the beginning of November after some early complications. The president, senior Sierra Rawer, plans have the club go on 1 field trip to at least 1 museum every semester. At the club meetings, the students will learn art history through reading and presentations, as well as unique projects.

Rawer took over leadership of the club this year, but failed to turn in the paperwork for the club before Club Day. Rawer was also told that the club had a table at Club Day, but when she arrived to set up her table, she was told that another art history club had replaced her’s. “It was really complicated and we had no clue if our club was formed or not because we kept on being told different things. But now we’ll try to form it again,” she said.

Due to these circumstances, the club has not been active until now.

Art history teacher and club adviser Molly Kerr helped the club get back on track and in order. Now Kerr and Rawer plan to have the club officially start meeting in November. The club meeting days have not yet been determined, but will be announced when Rawer and Kerr work them out. Kerr said, “I can’t wait to get this club up. It will be great way for students to explore the world or modern art and architecture.”

Rawer believes the club will be a great experience for members, and everyone is encouraged to join. “It will be a great way to expand your knowledge of art, beyond what is taught in school, and will also be a great way to reinforce the curriculum learned in the art history class,” she said.