Class of ’66 Returns Home


Genie Lee, Editor

The class of 1966, Campolindo’s first graduating class, had their 50th anniversary reunion on October 14.

Chairwoman Gwen Reid Lundmark organized the reunion and gathered 64 of her fellow classmates to celebrate, contacting Leadership Adviser Dino Petrocco to arrange the group to meet with current Campolindo students.

Petrocco chose several students from the leadership class, including junior Isabel Artiago, to set up the small gym with chairs and a microphone for alumnus Dave Hobbs to address the group and present a speech about Campolindo’s history. Artiago said, “I think it went pretty well. It was nice of them to gather for this event and catch up with each other.”

Afterwards, the leadership class led tours around the recently renovated campus. “We showed them the new places at Campolindo, for example, the CPAC, the aquatics center, the big gym, and the library,” said senior Cathy Tang.

While Lundmark was pleasantly surprised by these changes, she also recognized what remained. “It was a flashback,” Lundmark said. “The lockers and office wings were identical. Also, the gym was nostalgic. It brought back memories of ball games that we played in there and PE.”

Following a varsity football game at Miramonte in the evening, the reunion committee met at Embassy Suites for dinner. They casually gathered at Moraga Commons the next day to socialize and play games with kids and grandchildren who had also been invited.

The group later attended a reunion celebration dinner at Back Forty Texas BBQ. A buffet dinner, surprise awards, and a slideshow was presented.

“We had our class president give the awards and we had a whole bunch of different categories such as ‘In hindsight, what would you have done differently’ and ‘Your Coolest Job,'” said Lundmark.

Pins labeled “Campolindo” were handed out and a group photo was taken at the end to wrap up the event.

Tang said, “It was kind of cool to see the first graduating class, this is like history of Campolindo. We could ask them lots of questions and they had a lot of fun sharing stories. It was cool to have them here and they were obviously really happy to see each other as well.”

Lundmark considered the reunion a success that brought back the memories and fun times experienced at Campolindo. She said, “It was warm and fuzzy to be back.”