Service Club Connects in Sacramento

Genie Lee, Staff Writer

The leadership board of the campus Key Club attended the California/Nevada/Hawaii District Convention at the Sacramento Convention Center during the final weekend of spring break.

Departing by train on April 8 and returning on April 10, club members “went to make friends with other Key Clubs, to grow in our connections and to learn about new opportunities,” said freshman Carissa Zhu.

The club’s focus is on community service projects as well as fundraising for the PTP, the pediatric trauma prevention program, and the Eliminate Project.

Approximately 730 Key Clubs from California, Nevada and Hawaii participated in the District Convention to discuss volunteer and community service work. Key Club President Anna Jiang said, “It was a really great experience and a great way to end the past term.”

“The first night we just had a general assembly where it was just all about spirit and introducing everyone. And the second day, there was a caucus of the house of delegates to vote for the next District Convention governor, secretary, treasurer. There were also a lot of seminars about leadership and that kind of thing,” said Jiang.

The convention also provided social opportunities. “Saturday night was the governor’s ball. It was just like a dance. And on Sunday, it was the last day and we just had one more assembly to say goodbye to those who were retiring from their positions,” explained Jiang.

“District Convention was a time for all of Key Clubs to get together and meet together to have fun, tell what they’ve done, and connect,” said Zhu.

Sophomore Michelle Li said, “We wanted to increase the participation in our Key Club because not a lot of people here in this area know a lot about Key Clubs so we wanted to raise awareness for it.”

“I think the convention definitely inspired us and showed us what other Key Clubs were doing and how they were being successful and just the sheer amount of volunteer hours that everyone did. I think it really gave us a lot of new ideas for next year,” said Jiang.