CAPA Show Benefits Camp

Kuvin Hayer, Staff Writer

Gladiator in a Tutu, a California Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA) show designed to raise money for Camp Okizu, was held at Bentley Upper School on February 26.

A fusion of dance and vocals, Gladiator in a Tutu was held, in part, in support of Finley Brown, the grandaughter of CAPA’s director, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. “‘Gladiator in a tutu’ was the nickname people gave her because she remained positive and energetic despite her situation,” said Maddy Weinberg, a senior dancer involved in the show.

“We wanted to honor her cause and treatment by putting on the show,” said senior Natalie Fedorova.

Located in Novato, Camp Okizu offers summer programs for kids with cancer. The camps are free and supervised by medical professionals.  The camp is “completely, 100 percent, volunteer run for families effected by childhood cancer,” according to Fedorova.

The show raised a total of 7,000 dollars. “The camp will use it to build their facility and maintain their camp because it is free for all of the participants,” said Weinberg.