Model UN Practices Politics at DVC Conference

Andie Cohen, Staff Writer

The Model United Nations [MUN] club participated in its first conference of the year on October 30-31 at Diablo Valley College. High schools from within and without the county lines participated, including Miramonte, Acalanes, and California High School.

According to senior club President Ivan Gomez-Siu, “We did pretty good. I think we had 3 people get the outstanding delegate award and six people got the distinguished delegate award.”

Gomez Siu added,” I think we were all pretty prepared; a lot of people were new to Model UN this year, so we tried our best to prepare them, get them all the materials they needed to be prepared going in.”

Teacher Ryan Boyd, who oversees the club, said, “It’s based on each individuals research or background knowledge on the event, so as a group we didn’t do a ton of preparation, but the leaders did go over basic concepts about how to write a resolution and different aspects of speaking, so there was a little bit of preparation.”

MUN is an extra curricular global politic simulation where students role play delegates to the United Nations. Gomez Siu said, “Model UN is supposed to replicate how the diplomatic process works in the actual United Nations. So I think what a lot of that means is people have to be able to look into issues and try to compromise and find solutions.”