Yard Sale Funds Polo Markers


Katy Ly, Staff Writer

The girls’ water polo team held a garage sale at the Gerst Family residence on October 10 in order to raise funds for the program.

Jennifer Gerst, parent and main organizer of the event, said, “We’re specifically raising money this year to buy field markers, which are the metal boards that go along the side of the pool to mark various things in the game.” She said that the goal was to raise at least $1400, the same amount that the team raised last year.

“[We] need markers for the two meter [line] and the five meter [line;] it’s a crucial part of the game,” said junior center defender Carlie Crumbaugh. Gerst added that the leftover money would go into buying new equipment and supplementing the team budget.

At the sale, the team sold clothing, toys, housewares, sporting goods and baked goods. “[It’s basically] everything that people had in their house that they didn’t need,” said Gerst.

The fundraiser surpassed the goal, raising $1500. “This year it’s been doing very well so far, and there’s still a lot of people coming,” Crumbaugh said.

“It’s very effective because in the past years, we’ve sold Cougar cards that weren’t as effective,” said sophomore attacker Katie Klein. The team had also tried Jamba Juice cards and candy in the past, added Gerst.

“Now we raise much more money with the garage sale,” Klein stated.

Gerst said that she won’t be able to help out the water polo fundraiser next year, so she hopes that “somebody will continue the tradition.”